KT Kim Group at UNIST ChemistrySynthetic Organic and Polymer Chemistry

Welcome to KT Kim Group at UNIST
Our research is centered on synthetic organic and polymer chemistry to create new polymers, block copolymers, and organic materials for nanosciences, biomaterials, and optical-electronic materials.
Also, we are keenly interested in understanding the structure-property relationships of polymers and block copolymers in terms of their self-assembling behavior in solution.
Our ultimate goal is to understand how to create synthetic polymers that equal to the structural definition of biopolymers such as proteins and nucleic acids.

News and Announcement
New paper on maneuvering inverse cubic phases of a single block copolymer was accepted in
Angew. Chem.

Eun Sun's paper was published in
Polymer Chemistry. The paper was also appeared on the cover. Congratulations!

Tae Hyun's paper appeared in
ACS Nano.

Dr. Park' and Yunju's paper was published in
Nature Communications.

Dr. Park’s paper was published and selected as a VIP in
Chem Asian J.

Yunju’s paper published in
Nature Chemistry.