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- January 2024 -
Min Ho received a job offer from SK Biotek!
Congrats, Min Ho


- December 2023 -
Prof. Liao visited UNIST and gave an excellent seminar talk.
Thank you for visiting UNIST, Liao!

- December 2023 -
Ji Hwan won the C&FC poster award!
Congrats, Ji Hwan


- October 2023 -
We had wonderful time with Prof. Fujihara.
Thank you for your discussion and seminar talks, Tetsu!

- August 2023 -
Dr. Barham visited our lab.
Thank you for your visit and talk, Josua!

2308 Barham

- March 2023 -

Dahye and Dongkyu newly joined!


- August 2022 -

- April 2022 -
Dr. Sahoo and Seo Yeong were selected as UNIST UBSI fellows, Congrats!

- April 2022 -
Korean Chemical Society (129th General Meeting)


- December 2021 -
Ho Seung received an offer from SK Innovation Co.
Congrats, Ho Seung!

- November 2021 -
Il Young received an offer from LG Energy Solution.
Congrats, Il Young!

- October 2021 -
Korean Chemical Society (128th General Meeting)

- July 2021 -
Min Ho starts his career at KRIBB as a staff scientist.
Congrats, Min Ho!

- February 2021 -
Joon Ho, Il Young, Ji Hwan, and Nam Kyu,
Warmest congratulations on your graduation!

Joon Ho received an offer from LG Energy Solution.
Congrats, Joon Ho!

Jae Bin starts his career at Lotte Chemical.
Congrats, Jae Bin!

- January 2021 -
Nam Kyu joined in Korea Petrochemical Int. Co. LTD.
Congrats, Name Kyu!


- November 2020 -
Say Kim~Chi~

- September 2020 -
Min Ho received an offer from KRICT.
Congrats Min Ho, and wish you the great success!

Gianluca joined our lab as a visiting student.
Welcome, Gianluca!

- August 2020 -
Jae Bin successfully passed his oral defense and fulfilled the PhD requirements.
Congrats, Dr. Lee!

- June 2020 -
Nucleophilic (radio)fluorination reactions to yield aryl fluorosulfates are reported in Org. Lett.,
Congrats Min Ho!

- March 2020 -
Jung Woo and Ho Seung joined in this spring semester.
Welcome JW and HS!

- February 2020 -
Min Ho successfully passed his oral defense and fulfilled the PhD requirements.
Congrats, Dr. Jeon!


- Sept 2019 -
Minpyeong joined in this fall semester.
Welcome to the lab,

- April 2019 -
Hyun Ji received a job offer from Samsung electro-mechanics. Congrats HJ!

- March 2019 -
Il Young, Ji Hwan, Nam Hyun, and Joon Ho Joined in this spring semester.
We are delighted to welcome you.

- Jan 2019 -
Dong-Seon received a job offer from LG Chemical.
Congrats Dong-Seon, and wish you the great success!


- Dec 2018 -
Woo Gyum and Dong-Seon successfully passed his PhD viva.
Jaeshin completed his master degree.
Congrats Woo Gyum, Dong-Seon, and Jaeshin!

- Nov 2018 -
Jae Bin received an outstanding graduate student award!

- April 2018 -
Fluorinated malonatoborate as a LIB additive is reported in EES, congrats Jae Bin!


Hyun Ji starts a her postdoc at KRICT (화학) from January 2018.
Best wishes for your research career!

Mi Eun
successfully passed her MS viva, and also got an offer from LG Chemical.
She will start a new position from January 2018. Wish you the great success!

Hyun Ji and Woo Gyum are invited in 2017 Inter-Academy Seoul Forum as young researchers.
- November 2017, the Korean Academy of Science and Technology (
) -


Nickel-catalyzed azide-alkyne cycloaddition is reported in JACS,
congrats Woo Gyum!
- September 2017 -


Pd-catalyzed annulation method to access triphenylenes is reported in ACIE,
congrats Bijoy and HJ!
- May 2017 -



Group-outing in Gyeongju, the old city of the ancient kingdom of Silla.
- Spring 2016 -


- 2016 Commencement Ceremony (Congratulations! Jae Bin and Mi Eun)-



Prof. Sung You Hong | Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST)