Former Members

Postgraduates: current positions
Dr. Seo Yeong Jeong (2018–2023, MS/PhD): LG Energy Solution
Ho Seung Lee (2020–2022, MS): SK Innovation Co.

Il Young Cho (2019–2021, MS): LG Energy Solution

Dr. Jae Bin Lee (2015–2020, MS/PhD; 2020-2021 postdoc): Lotte Chemical

Joon Ho Rhlee (2019–2021, MS): LG Energy Solution

Nam Kyu Park (2019–2021, MS): Korea Petrochemical Ind. Co., LTD.

Dr. Min Ho Jeon (2014–2020, MS/PhD): KRICT/KRIBB; currently SK Biotek Co.

Dr. Woo Gyum Kim (2013–2019, MS/PhD): The Univ. of Tokyo, postdoc; currently Celltrion

Dr. Dong-Seon Shin (2013–2019, MS/PhD): LG Energy Solution

Jaeshin Kim (2017–2019, MS): family business succession.

Dr. Hyun Ho Lee (2012–2018, MS/PhD): Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST)

Mi Eun Kang (2016–2018, MS): LG Energy Solution

Dr. Hyun Ji Yang (2012–2017, MS/PhD): Samsung Electro-Mechanics

Sangbin Jeon (2013–2015, MS): KAIST (Dept. of Chem., PhD)

Postdocs and Researchers: current positions
Dr. M. A. Abozeid: Caen-Normandy University, Researcher

Dr. Malleswara Kuram: Central Drug Research Institute (CDRI), India, PI

Dr. Bijoy P. Mathew: Vimala College (Department of Chem.), India, Faculty, assistant professor

Dr. Yuwon Park: Seoul National University, postdoc

Visiting Student:

Gianluca Bartolini Torres: University of Milano-Bicocca